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Celebrating Successes and Stories from the Olympic Track and Field Trials: A Reflection on The Bell Lap's Impact

The first half of the Olympic Track and Field Trials are in the books. There have been some amazing performances, some up and coming starts and some heartbreaks. That comes with sport.

For me, as a fan, I love the excitement of it all. I feel all the feels. For some of these athletes, it will be their last shot at an Olympic Team. The questions begin to rise about what’s next. That is why The Bell Lap was born, to help with that process.

Right now, I want to take a minute to celebrate some successes of athletes we have worked with. In the first half of competition, congratulations to Keturah Orji for qualifying for her third Olympic team in the triple jump event. And I was first in line to congratulate her. Such a delight to finally meet her in person, not in Zoom, and to do so at such a celebratory moment is very special to me. She also holds two Master’s degrees and recently completed a prestigious internship in financial services.

I also spotted Michelle Carter, former world record holder and Olympic Gold medalist in the shot put, in her element. She is working the crowd, promoting fan engagement and showing up as her best self. She retired after the 2021 Trials and she was an early client of The Bell Lap. If you need a motivation speaker, she is your gal. She has overcome adversity and has the heart of a champion. She is also incredibly creative and community minded.

Kendal Williams had a strong showing in the Men’s 100M. He is currently working with The Bell Lap to gain work experience in the off season.

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