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Networking isn't for the reluctant

Every year I make an ambitious networking plan. My goal is to stay in touch with people intentionally and find a reason to reconnect. I truly enjoy meeting up and hearing how things are going for others. Within that plan needs to be flexibility for the unexpected. Just this week I’ve set up meet ups with someone new in my network, someone I didn’t expect to connect with and three former colleagues. Only one of these was on the “plan”. And in one case, it has been over ten years since we last connected. It is a great opportunity to hear how each other is doing and how we can be of help to each other. Most of the time I’m just wanting to stay up on industry and personal news. Occasionally it leads to an opportunity, however it is never my motive.  

Many of us can be very reluctant to reach out. We tell ourselves so many stories as to why we shouldn’t reach out. Will they remember me? Will they want to connect? Do I have anything to offer? I’m being selfish. Let’s stop all that negative talk! Study after study is showing we are a disconnected world and less happy because of it. And with more rounds of layoffs in the works, networking is critical to the job search process.

So, what is your networking plan? Who will you reach out to this week? (pick me, pick me) Seriously, keep your relationships active and be open to helping out. Cheers~



Hi, I'm Mary Lou

I'm a Career Consultant working with all levels of careers... professionals to just getting started, mid-career and career switchers. My aim is to to equip clients to put best self forward authentically and help guide them in the decision-making process for their next professional adventure.

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