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Career Transitions, knowing when to move on.

Updated: Jun 17

I was listening to a podcast this morning while out for my morning run. The host, retired Olympian Nick Symmonds, was interviewing another retired Olympian, Sanya Richards-Ross, who I greatly admire. Listening to her speak about life after competition got me thinking about career transitions. This thought carried with me post run and I began to think about tomorrow’s Super Bowl game. I’m guessing there may be as many bets on when will QB Tom Brady retire as well as who will win the game. Each of these people have been considered the best in their sport. Their careers depend on their physical abilities and the body eventually determined when a change is needed.

What intrigued me is the question of “what’s next?”. How have/will they reinvent themselves for what’s next? Ms. Richards-Ross spoke about starting her family, writing a book, becoming an entrepreneur and continuing to be an ambassador for her sport that she loves. She has found her next phase. Mr. Symmonds has been a franchisee, is a successful entrepreneur, ran a marathon and continues to set big goals. He is living his next phase. And Mr. Brady, well he will have a next phase too.

So, what’s my point? Many of us get stuck when change is needed and stayed too long in a role that is no longer the right one. We all have had times of career transition; whether internal movement, changing jobs or changing careers. Some of us have been through organizational change that forced us to think about what’s next.

Have you lost your passion? Are your strengths still being used to their best? How do you plan for the what’s next? How will you know when reinvention is needed? I’ve always disliked the interview question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. I want to be excited about my work, I want to be using my strengths to the best of my abilities and I want to continue adding to my skills and knowledge. How about you? How are you staying relevant? How are you preparing for future transitions?

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