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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The process of creating a website was quite the learning journey. I first started out solo, trying to figure things out for myself. My husband says I'm stubborn that way. I finally threw in the towel and reached out for professional help to someone who has this expertise, Ashbeck Designs. Deb was great to work with and really understood my goals and reasons for having a website.

Learning when to ask for help, when to reach out to someone with expertise where I don't have the skills or natural aptitude, or when I want to learn something new or improve a skill/knowledge or ability is a lesson I continue to relearn throughout life. Check out our new website, services and setup a free discovery call anytime. If my area of expertise can be of help for you, I'd love to talk. I look forward to talking and possibly working with you.

Mary Lou Keeran

Keeran Consulting


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Hi, I'm Mary Lou

I'm a Career Consultant working with all levels of careers... professionals to just getting started, mid-career and career switchers. My aim is to to equip clients to put best self forward authentically and help guide them in the decision-making process for their next professional adventure.

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